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About Circle E Candles

The best candles you’ll ever find. Circle E candles are not your typical candle. To create the signature candles they are known for - the longest-burning and delightfully-fragrant candles on the market - they combine the finest fragrances available with their own exclusive blend of the highest-quality waxes. They then hand-pour their candles into high-quality heavy glass containers using only lead-free wicks.

With their consistently superior products, they have built a fiercely-loyal following.

Circle E candles have a characteristically smooth, creamy texture. By hand-pouring in stages, they avoid the mottled look you see in other candles. Mottling is actually caused by fractures in the wax that result from air entrapped in the wax as it cools. These fractures can also limit fragrance intensity, so they incorporate a special additive to prevent mottling from occurring. They use only the finest lead-free wicks and premium wax blends for a cleaner, longer burn. Hand-poured Circle E candles also have a higher fragrance level giving you consistent, quality fragrance down to the very last burn. Their soft smoother waxes ensures the fragrance level at the bottom of each Circle E candle is as strong as it is the first time you light it.

At Circle E, every candle is made by hand, and held to the highest, uncompromising standards of quality. They go out of their way to ensure their premium pigments, lead-free wicks, oils and waxes hold true to the strictest standards. With some of the longest burn times in the industry, Circle E candles are only pennies per hour to burn (divide price by burn time). Their manufacturing process allows for high fragrance delivery giving you consistent, quality fragrance down to the very last burn.

Hand-pouring candles. Easy? No.

But is it the best way to create a solid, intense candle? You bet. Hand-pouring candles may not be the most cost-effective way to create candles in this high-tech world, but it is still the only way Circle E can promise to give their customers the fine quality and rich aroma you have come to expect.

Pride goes into everything Circle E does. Whether they’re affixing labels to their glass jars, hand-pouring wax, or working in the lab to develop a new tantalizing scent, Circle E scrutinizes every step of the candle-making process. Are they a little bit obsessive? Sure. But that’s what it takes to create hand made candles that just plain speak for themselves.

This is why Candle Wick is proud to carry their candles!

This is why our customers come back time and time again for them.