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Circle E Candle Fragrance Descriptions


Almond Creme Cake - Savory blend of almonds and creamy icing.

Ambrosia - The heavenly tropical fragrance of Hawaii.

Apple Strudel - The essence of the Old Country.  Spicy bakes apple aroma - fresh from the oven.

Asian Spice - A unique blend of exotic spices.  Sure to become a favorite.

Baby Powder - Soft, delicate scent that refreshes.

Bed of Roses - Delicate true fragrance - soft as rose petals.

Berry Mulberry - Inviting aroma of tangy, sweet mulberries.

Bird of Paradise - A magical blend that defies description - an all time favorite.

Butter Rum - Sultry blend of sweet butterscotch and steamy rum flavors.

Butterfly Kisses - Honey and daffodils as subtle as a butterfly's kiss.

Cappuccino Delight - Rich creamy mocha coffee aroma.

Caribbean Breeze - The essence of a refreshing soft ocean breeze.

Cherry Vanilla - Cherry and vanilla blend.

Country Morning - Cinnamon pumpkin spice with a burst of vanilla and nutmeg.

Creamy Cinnamon Vanilla - A smooth blend of vanilla infused with cinnamon.

Creme Brulee -

English Ivy - The enticing aroma of an English garden.  One fantastic fragrance!  Wild jasmine with bouquets of fresh lilac on a light, green bed of ivy.

Eternity - "Eternity" type perfume.

Evening Passion - "Obsession" type perfume.  Sensual and arousing.

Fire on the Mountain - Toasty hot cinnamon cider.  Pleasingly invigorating.

French Tulip - The dazzling spring fragrance of sweet French tulips.

Fresh Apple - Just like fresh-picked red apples.

Gardenia - White, warm wonderful tropical delicacy.

Gourmet Sugar Cookie - Sugar, spice and everything nice - Fresh from Grandma's kitchen.

Hawaiian Pineapple - The tangy aroma of pineapple with a hint of other exotic fruits.

Hill Country Bluebonnets - The essence of the wildflower that calls Texas home.

Honeydew Melon - Savor the mouth-watering flavor of ripe green melons.

Honeysuckle - A glimmer of sunshine with a delightful drizzle of honey.

Indian Summer - "Sunflower" type perfume.  Evokes nature's mysteriously simply beauty.

Kiwi Strawberry - Delightful blend of sweet red strawberries and ripe kiwi.

Lavender Fields - The rich uplifting herbal fragrance of lavender.

Leather - The distinctive unique fragrance of leather.

Lemon Kumquate - Passionate blend of tropical fruits, kumquats and zesty lemons.

Lemon Meringue Pie - Tart and sweet together!  A lemony, fluffy, tangy treat.

Orange Patchouli - The sensual aromatherapy of patchouli and the fresh scent of orange.

Orange Pekoe Tea - The irresistible aroma of fresh-brewed orange pekoe tea.

Orange Vanilla - A zesty citrus grove gently laced with French vanilla.

Peace - Experience this peaceful tropical paradise, with a hint of blueberries.

Pear Essence - Fresh clean essence of pear at it's very best.

Peach Harvest - A bumper crop of juicy peach fragrance fresh from the field.

Plumeria - Passionate Hawaiian tropical floral - commonly used in leis.

Santa Fe - "Drakkar" type perfume.  A rugged, masculine fragrance.

Sierra Wind - Enchanting ocean breeze.  Unbelievably refreshing.

Soothing Garden - Like walking through an English herbal garden.

Soothing Vanilla -

Tropical Paradise - Coconuts and tropical fruits collide!

Tropical Rain - A balmy summer mist blowing in from the islands.

Wine & Roses - Romantic blend with vintage overtones.

Wisteria - Experience this wildly-enchanting floral bouquet.

Seasonal Favorites: (Available September 1st - December 25th except for Silver Bells which is available all year)

Christmas Spirit - Celebrate with a festive bold blend of spices & tea.

Christmas Tree - 'Tis always the season for the fragrance of a freshly-cut Scotch Pine.

Holiday Cheer - Hot & spicy cinnamon.  Reminiscent of a crisp autumn morning.

Silver Bells - Grandma's secret recipe!  A refreshing blend of cranberries & orange zest.

The Smell of Christmas - The nostalgic fragrance of a Bayberry Christmas Tree