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How It Works

Catalytic Combustion

Why does the Redolere Fragrance Lamp disperse so good? The answer is catalytic combustion. Catalytic combustion is used in industry to consume harmful combustibles. One common known example is the catalytic converter in automobiles.

Redolere has taken the unique properties of these catalysts and used them to create their Redolere Stone. One of the most amazing properties is the catalyst’s ability to consume a combustible without igniting it. This means that once the flame is blown out, it cannot ignite any combustible liquid or gas. What does this mean? It means that if the Redolere Lame should accidentally be broken, the catalyst is burning at too low a temperature to ignite the fragrance.

Candles have a flame temperature of around 927 degrees Celsius or 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. The Redolere Stone burns at approximately one fourth the temperature of a candle. So, not only does the Redolere Lamp out perfume any candle, it is also much safer.

Sophia’s Lamp Fragrance is designed to give maximum air freshening when used in the Redolere Fragrance Lamp. For the best performance, replace all of your catalytic stones with Sophia’s High Performance Redolere Stone.

Key Benefits: