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Maintenance & Care of Your Redolere Fragrance Lamp

Routine Maintenance and Usage

Because the Redolere Fragrance Lamp is so good at dispersing fragrance, it can build up residue on the glass and metal pieces. It is good to periodically clean these pieces with mild detergent. Do not try to clean the stone or wick.

We also recommend a stone burnout once a week. A stone burnout is accomplished by letting the lamp burn until all of the fragrance is consumed. All that is needed is one ounce or less of fragrance in the lamp. Once the stone is completely wet, light the stone for 2-3 minutes. After 2-3 minutes blow the flame out. Now put the open-air cap on and let the lamp perfume until it is completely empty. The lamp will go out on its own once it is empty. By doing this you are burning off any old deposits of oil. This can prolong the life of your stone.