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How To Properly Use The Redolere Fragrance Lamp

Parts Description:

There are five basic parts to the Redolere Lamp:

1. Decorative container
2. Open-air-cap used to cover stone while it is dispersing fragrance
3. Solid cap used to cover stone to extinguish it and while not in use
4. Small collar holds stone/wick in the container
5. Stone/wick

Proper Use Instructions:

1. Read the users guide completely and following all directions and precautions.

2. Anyone who uses the Redolere Stone/wick in another brand of lamp, or anyone who uses another brand stone in the Redolere lamp will be doing so at their own risk. Redolere makes no guarantee of proper fit and function on any such usage.

3. When filling your lamp, we recommend that you only use what you will need to perfume for one day. Sophia’s fragrance perfumes at the rate of approximately one ounce per hour, therefore if you desire two hours of perfuming, pour only two ounces into your lamp. Never fill more than half full. When you are done perfuming for the day, if there is still fragrance in the lamp, we recommend returning the unused fragrance to its original container for safe storage. We recommend that you allow the lamp to perfume until there is no fragrance left in the lamp; doing so will prolong the life of your stone.

4. A small funnel can be very useful when refilling the lamp. Some users even coil up the stone/wick in a funnel and pour the fragrance over the stone/wick as they refill. This keeps them from having to wait the 15-20 minutes for it to wick up. Using the funnel will also help prevent spilling fragrance. In addition to using a funnel, we recommend that you place your lamp on a plate or coaster to help protect your furniture from damage which could be caused by heat or spills.

5. Do not leave the lamp unlit without the solid cap on it. Even when waiting the 15-20 minutes before lighting, the solid cap should be in place. This prevents over wicking of the stone; which will cause the stone to be hard to light. If a stone is over wicked it may have to be removed and laid out to dry. If the stone is still having trouble, it will have to be replaced.

6. In some cases it may help to let the flame burn a little longer than two minutes. You should let the flame burn until it has reduced to one to two inches in size. If the stone does not stay lit, then the lamp is too full or there is a problem with the stone/wick.

7. Do not place the lamp in front of a fan or under a ceiling fan that is on high speed. This puts too much oxygen on the stone which will cause it to burn too fast and maybe even go out.

8. We recommend that the stone/wick be replaced every 3-6 months. The life will depend on how often it is burned and proper use of the lamp. Using a weak stone/wick will cause more burn time to achieve the same perfuming coverage. This is not very economical. The stone/wick does have a 30-day-point-of-purchase guarantee (when used in the Redolere lamps).

9. We believe that a normal size room should be well fragranced within an hour. Fragrance burned in the morning can still be in the air that afternoon. Sometimes it can still be noticed the following day. The Redolere Fragrance Lamp is that good.

10. Burning the same fragrance all of the time will cause your sense of smell to adjust to that fragrance. The fragrance will be less noticeable to you. Always change fragrances to keep this from happening.

11. Smoke - some light smoke is perfectly okay with these lamps. It is not uncommon for water vapors to form at the base of the stone which can be seen as light smoke. Also, the chemical makeup of some fragrances will cause them to give off some smoke as the fragrance molecules vaporize. If a lamp is smoking too much, it may be overfilled. Try reducing the amount of oil in the lamp. The problem could also be that the stone/wick has been overstressed and needs replacing.

12. It is perfectly okay to blend Sophia’s Lamp Fragrances. For instance, if someone would like to put a little Sophia’s Vanilla in with Sophia’s Cinnamon Apple, this would work just fine. But under no circumstance should any other product or chemical be used with the Redolere Fragrance Lamp. We know there are other oils manufactured for catalytic burning lamps. These may or may not work well with our lamp. Anyone using these other brands of catalytic oils is doing so at their own risk.

13. Before replacing a stone try the following. We recommend a weekly burnout. Reduce the level to one ounce or less. Once the stone is wet, light it for two to three minutes. Blow the remaining flame out and let it perfume until it is completely dry. This procedure will clean a lot of residual oils out of the stone.