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Symptom: Cannot get the stone to take a flame.

Solution: There are only two reasons a stone would not take a flame. First would be that the fluid has not had enough time to completely wet the stone. You must wait between 15-20 minutes before lighting. Second would be that the stone is over wicked. Over wicked means that the stone has been wet and exposed to the air for too long. When the lamp is not in use and there is oil in the lamp, the solid cap has to be covering the stone. If it is not, heavy oils will begin to build up. These oils will be gathered on the outside surface of the stone. If you are persistent with holding the flame to the stone, it will eventually take the flame. Another solution would be to take the stone/wick out and soak it for ten minutes in a cup with Sophia’s fragrance. This will break down the heavy oils and allow it to light again. After ten minutes of soak time, re-install it in the lamp and follow your normal lighting procedures. Also, you might want to perform a stone burnout. This will help clean out all the heavy oils in the stone.

Symptom: Won’t stay hot; stops dispersing and goes cold; turns black.

Solution: First we must point out that the only way the stone can disperse fragrance is without a flame. No fragrance can be emitted with the flame burning. Make sure you have read all the directions thoroughly. If following the directions does not get the lamp going, try reducing the fluid level. These lamps should never be filled past half full. Try putting just one ounce in the lamp and restarting it. This should get the lamp to function. Now just let it do a complete burnout. When you go to refill the lamp try using only four to five ounces at a time. You might want to use a measuring cup.